Thursday, April 15, 2010

I packed a gluten-free picnic lunch and Mummy and I got into the trusty 1999 Saturn and drove south, along Interstate 10 (paid for by your tax dollars!), turning south on AZ 83 (see above), then east on AZ 90 (and again), to the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area (also paid for with tax dollars).

While Mummy visited the loo, I took a self portrait.

I am scruffy.

Lunch was whatever I had pulled together (dried cranberries, a yoghurt, corn chips and pepperjack cheese). Afterward, we walked over to sit and watch the birds feed.

Lesser goldfinches.

I like this photograph because it catches some of the birds in mid-air. We also saw the black chinned hummingbirds. Mummy had a nice time.

We then drove east to Bisbee and wandered up the main drag, visiting a few antique stores and a book store. I bought a dinosaur puzzle for Baby Milo.

Mummy in Bisbee.

On the way back we drove through the little town of St. David, which was busy having one of those delightful Tea Party protests. Ironically, the protesters stood alongside a road constructed with federal tax dollars. They held signs up with messages written on them, and of course tax payer dollars paid for their education. And so on. Here in Arizona we only pay somewhere between 2 and 2.5 percent for state taxes. It is pretty ridiculous to bitch about taxes here.

Mummy heads back to Michigan on Saturday, so I wanted her to have a special day. She told me she really appreciated the drive (lots of wildflowers and a deer), the birds, and Bisbee. Tomorrow night, I am making some of her favorite foods for supper.

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