Monday, May 03, 2010

Bunny appeared in my yard a couple of months ago. It hops around and eats things. Sometimes it will get close to me, looking for something to eat.

It likes carrots.

So this afternoon I decided to give Bunny a piece of red bell pepper and it ran up and took it right out of my hand. So I gave it another piece, and it did the same. The third time I offered it some lettuce and reached down and picked Bunny up.

Bunny is perhaps not so pleased with this.

So I sat Bunny on my lap and practiced petting, examining ears, checking out its private bits (Bunny is a girl).

Ready for my close up.

She didn't want to eat anything while sitting on my lap, but she is pretty tame and doesn't mind being petted and talked to. I will be spoiling Bunny from now on.

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