Friday, May 28, 2010

I am a Radical Homosexual. I made yellow cupcakes with bittersweet chocolate-hazelnut frosting to take to a party. I am cleaning house because my Radical Homosexual friends Jim and George are coming for the weekend. Tomorrow we three Radical Homosexuals will visit a historic church, the presidio park, and Saguaro Park West. We do these things despite the fact that we are Radical Homosexuals with Radical Homosexual Agendas (shouldn't that be Agendae?).

Today's Radical Homosexual Agenda activities have included going to Mexican Safeway and buying some tequila (I am also Pro Illegal Immigrant), then some Radical Homosexual Yardwork. I know, I know, normal non-radical non-homosexuals never spend their time doing yardwork and such, but I guess I was just raised wrong.

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