Monday, May 10, 2010

I am a sadomasochist. Tomorrow night the Beast, Maggie Gallagher, is dragging her ass to Tucson to yammer about how faggots and dykes would ruin the sanctity of mawwiage if they got to register at Crate and Barrel.

This breathing shit is going to be about two miles from my pleasant domicile, polluting the air, probably making the Pima County Sewer Plant work overtime. And I will sit in the audience and if given the opportunity, ask her an interesting question.


1). Explain why anyone should listen to you Maggie, when you got yourself knocked up and spat out a bastard child because the semen donor was sensible enough not to put a ring on it?

2). Tell us about that Hindu "husband" and why you don't wear a wedding band?

3). Exactly how much blood money do you get for helping create an atmosphere of hate towards your fellow Americans?

Or maybe I should just projectile vomit on the bitch.

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