Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Well it was a busy weekend and I am sporting a tan and an extra pound. Yesterday I took Jim and George down to Cobban and Ray's fabulous house and we went skinny dipping in the pool. It was fabulous. Then I returned them to the airport and away they went. My house is quiet now.

Something is up with Mama Cat and she has decided to pee everywhere except in the litter box. Moments ago I was sitting right here and I heard a strange noise and turned and there she was peeing on the rug under my chair. Of course that explained the vague urine smell that I had been puzzled about, because after I put her on the litter box I lifted the rug and discovered it had been peed on repeatedly. I hope she is just a bit confused and not getting all demented.

UPDATE: Poor Mama Cat has a urinary tract infection. She is on an antibiotic for ten days. I've learned to go find her every couple of hours and put her in the litter box so she pees there and not next to my desk!

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