Saturday, July 31, 2010

Begin Year 8. It is a cloudy day with occasional sprinkles. That matches my emotions at the moment.

Coconut cake is a baking in the oven, Patrick requested it. Pasta salad with homemade herbal-Italian dressing in the fridge. Hope it doesn't rain on volleyball. I may make another batch of watermelon rind pickles tomorrow. I'm taking my last jar north to Mark and Rodger in a couple of weeks.

Patrick and I are going to Sam's memorial service in Portland to say goodbye. I'm listening to one of DJ mixes right now. Last night Wade and I talked about him and how much we missed him.

You know, my friends are really important to me. I was so lonely as a kid, the misfit, the fag. The most positive thing about having had a blog for the last seven years is the people I have met through it, the friendships that have developed. I expect many of them will be my friends until the day I'm gone.

So what will Year 8 bring? Hoping that is better than Year 7.

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