Monday, August 09, 2010

The basil-watermelon pickles came out nice- a bit tart with a mild basil taste. I wonder how people will react to them?

Basil-watermelon pickles.

I am going to buy a big canning pot with a liftable insert, my double boiler leaks water everywhere on the stove.

Afterward, I took Paul down to Cobban and Ray's house to play in the pool.

Ray, Paul, and Cobban.

The monsoon is in full force and it is raining a lot in southeastern Arizona. Everything was so lush and green and the wild sunflowers are blooming.

For supper I had made pimento cheese wraps and Ray made a nice pasta salad. I ate too much and got a little acid reflux.


It was a nice way to spend the day, domesticity and friends.

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