Thursday, October 07, 2010

So on Monday my skin on the left side of my chest started to ache. Having a shirt rub against it was painful. That continued on Tuesday. On Wednesday I looked in the mirror and there were a cluster of small raised marks below my arm. You can sorta see them in this very blurry photo.

Blurry bite marks.

The skin for about a foot in diameter around these bite marks is remarkably tender. Just sitting here as I type this, the skin aches soooo bad.

I thought it was a kissing bug, which we have here in Tucson. But I showed it to Lisa and Susan at work and they said no (they have experienced with kissing bug bites). Turns out it is some sort of spider, perhaps a black widow? Probably happened when I was pulling weeds on Monday afternoon or perhaps while I was sleeping.

Anyways, I recommend not getting bitten by insects. It is very painful.

Less painful, but somewhat itchy, is my neck since I haven't shaved in about 9 or 10 days. I am turning into Caveman Homer.


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