Sunday, November 28, 2010

Best Thanksgiving ever. Thanksgiving has never been an especially favorite holiday. Yes, I like the mashed potatoes and pies. But I never felt I had reasons to be especially thankful for. Except this year, when I did.

Evan drove down from Flagstaff and Mummy, he, and I had supper. I made a pumpkin stuffed with brown rice, pecans, some veggies, and cream. It was alright, but no one wanted seconds. In contrast, the mashed potatoes and cranberry-walnut-orange sauce were delicious. Lemon meringue for dessert.

Stuffed pumpkin. The birds are busy eating it.

Afterward, Evan and I went over to Becca and Brian's house, where Forrest was staying, and the guys played music. It was nice listening to them, and everyone had fun.

Forrest, Brian, and Evan.

On Friday, Mummy, Evan, and I went to the yarn store, the cloth store (Mummy is making me new curtains for the kitchen), and then lunch at Rosa's. Then we drove down to Tumacacori Mission.

Evan and Mummy.

Friday night I went and got Forrest and the three of us hung out. We walked up Sentinel Peak to look at the lights.

Tucson at night (click for a larger, better version).

We had an awesome time, although the next morning I was TIRED.

The three of us.

The next morning we took Forrest to the airport in Phoenix. We stopped at In N Out Burger, where I watched Forrest eat a cheeseburger. I am so happy to have spent time with him this week, I have missed him badly since he moved away.


We came back to Tucson and in the afternoon, Evan and I made a cookie cutter wreath.


We also got a Holiday Tree and decorated it, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for a picture of it.

This morning Evan and I went out to the Sweetwater Wetlands. The number of ducks is increasing and we saw a Moorhen.

American coot, after diving.

It was a nice way to spend the morning.

Best Thanksgiving ever.

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