Monday, November 22, 2010

I haven't see much wildlife outside my office window lately, but then a coyote sauntered past last week.


It looked very healthy. At home I kept busy getting my house ready for Mummy's arrival- rearranged furniture, did yard work. Meanwhile, the office is being all torn up as new carpeting and tile is being laid down, walls painted, and new electrical installed. It makes it hard to get anything done, even though my room isn't affected until mid-December.

So the new car drives nice and on Saturday morning, after a totally sleepless night (bad headache), I drove north and picked Mummy up at the airport. Once in Tucson we went immediately to the library and then Old People Safeway, where I insisted on paying for everything. I made nachos for supper, took a nap, and then drove north a second time to pick Forrest up at the airport. We talked non-stop all the way to Tucson. Then we decided to walk up the side of A Mountain and sit at the top, looking at the lights of Tucson.

Tucson at 1 AM.

Forrest set my camera shutter for a long exposure.

I stepped into the picture half way through.

We stayed up way too late talking and so Sunday was pretty groggy. I took Mummy and Mark to lunch at Rosa's and got Jimbo his calendar.

Today at work, less groggy, but trying to get things ready for a project next Monday. I see something out of the corner of my eye.


Evan is coming down Thursday, I am counting the hours.

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