Sunday, January 16, 2011

Although I was suffering from a cold, I drove north to Flagstaff Friday afternoon to see Evan. I hope he doesn't catch it. That night we had Thai food and I tossed and turned, blowing my nose over and over again.

The next morning Evan made me pancakes. Then we drove to Montezuma's Well. It is a deep hole in the limestone, filled with water. Ducks were enjoying themselves.

Cactus on the edge.

We saw historic graffiti.


And prehistoric dwellings.

From the 1300s or so.

Saturday night we watched Cannibal: The Musical. I was entertained.

This morning Evan took me to a mystery spot. The Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River.


A nearby volcano erupted 20,000 years ago and the lava flow filled part of the Little Colorado River, causing the river to shift and form these falls. They were very dramatic and you cannot tell, but it is about 200 feet down.

I made Evan stay away from the edges of the cliff, I am scared of heights.

San Francisco peaks in the distance.

We had a remarkably nice morning.

I got him the t-shirt in Austin.

On the way out we saw sheep guarded by dogs.

Navajo sheep.

And a lonely tree.


I suggested we have Indian food for lunch. We went to the Himalayan Grill. The food was excellent.


They brought us champagne.


It was an awesome weekend with Evan.

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