Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday was a day of adventure. In the morning, Evan made me TOAST. It has recently come to my attention...

We then went out to examine an archaeological site. It was a small, walled pueblo.


In one area, where someone had been pot-hunting (nasty, loathsome people), the rib from a small child lay on the ground. I put some soil over it.

Nearby was a skeletonized elk.

Cervus elaphus.

I insisted we climb to the top of Winona Hill. We passed by a coyote or dog skeleton, a scattering of prehistoric ceramics, and some lava tubes. At the top were a couple of small rock-lined rooms.

I am bigger than most prehistoric folks.

I sat on the ground and picked up all of the sherds that lay within reach.


After photographing them, I returned them to their original place. I am not a loathsome pothunter.

An unfortunate event was taking place- the junipers were making pollen and their sex act inflamed my eyes terribly. That's disgusting.

Notice the puffiness.

We drove north to see the Vermillion Cliffs.

They are indeed reddish in tone.

We had lunch and I enjoyed the beer-battered onion rings a lot. Later, at one spot the Navajo Bridge has been replaced by a new bridge, and you can go out onto the old one and look 486 feet down into the Little Colorado River.

The new bridge.

I am a wretch about heights, and after walking down the center of the old bridge, I literally had to scoot on my butt to the edge to take pictures and admire the view. I begged Evan not to go to close to the edge, because I have an over-active imagination.

I am scared.

Down below, the water ran green.

If I worked in a skyscraper, I would have a parachute in my office.

This morning Evan made me blueberry pancakes. We went on a bumpy ride and then looked at some more sites. On the drive back to Tucson I listed to Uncle Tom's Cabin and cursed at the evils of slavery, which many Southern ministers said was justified by the Bible, just as modern ministers use the Bible for nefarious purposes.

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