Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring time in Tucson- I look at the window at work and see Cute Ground Squirrel scampering around. It looks so happy, occasionally chasing away another ground squirrel coming in too close.


So it was nice to get away today and to head south to a Spanish mission site, which we are mapping. There are standing adobe walls, slowly melting away. There are also mounds of disintegrated rooms, along with areas where dirt was mined for adobe bricks.

The mission.

Scattered about were artifacts left behind by residents of the mission.

Blue on white majolica.

Native American folded rim plainware.

There was evidence of the prehistoric occupation of the site- sherds, flaked stones, and a few pieces of grinding stones. In the eroded road leading to the mission we found charcoal-stained soil areas. Two were probably pit structures- large oval stains. One was a smaller circular stain with many rocks, a roasting pit.

Roasting pit.

It was a nice day, and the mapping information we collected helps document the site for future archaeologists. We located a number of new features, I was especially pleased to see the prehistoric features, which point to the site having been occupied for several thousand years.

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