Monday, May 02, 2011

Can't say I feel bad for Osama bin Douchebag being offed. I am against capital punishment, especially since so many people in the United States have been proven innocent and because we should be better than countries like China, Iran, etc. But bin Laden? He was a coward living in a mansion with his wives, while other young men and women killed themselves at his orders. COWARD. If he believed so strongly in his cause, he would have blown himself up as well. Instead, apparently, he hid behind one of his wives when the Americans raided his mansion.

I made delicious chocolate brownies while listening to the news. I had some with lunch and I am completely, utterly buzzing from the sugar.

So glad I don't seat seafood. I hope whatever fish or clams or squid chew on Osama bin Douchebag don't get a tummy ache.

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