Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day- I stopped by the cemetery on the way back from Lowes. I wandered around looking at the tombstones, searching for soldiers.

Unknown soldier.

They moved graves from the old cemetery here in the 1910s and there are several unidentified soldiers from the Grand Army of the Republic plot.

I saw tombstones in English, Spanish, Russian, Georgian, Chinese (possibly Japanese too), Arabic, and Greek. Some of the old stones have little enameled photographs, long gone people peering out at you. Some of the new stones now have engraved images, in one case a woman with her dog.

There was a ceremony going on, but for whatever reason I was feeling sad so I came on home instead. I'm going to work on my latest project- compiling biographies of the 380 or so Civil War soldiers buried in the local cemetery back in Traverse City. Never a dull moment at my place.

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