Saturday, June 25, 2011

Before dinner we walked down to the Mercado to attend the San Juan Day celebration, marking the start of the monsoon season. Evan wore the new shirt I got for him. I had a tamarindo drink and he a mango one.

New shirt.

It was 108 and the sweat evaporated instantly. Soon a small group appeared, carrying the San Juan statue.

San Juan.

The ceremony is supposed to help start the summer rains here in Tucson.

We wandered home and for supper I sauteed summer and Mexican squash with red and white onions, warming flour tortillas with cream cheese on them. In a separate pan Evan stirred garlic, black beans, and some of Mark and Rodger's tomatillo salsa.

As we ate (oh it was delicious!), we listened to the New York Senate pass the same sex marriage bill. It was a magical moment and I will never forget that meal. Congratulations New York!

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