Saturday, June 11, 2011

So I am trying to eat more vegetables. I discovered that I really like the Trader Joe Indian food in a pouch- each is about 300-400 calories total, and that has been my lunch for the last couple weeks. Very convenient and according to the packaging, no nasty chemicals.

That's another thing, nasty chemicals. Of course I am typing this with a Diet Coke next to me. What the fuck is BENZOATE. Once all of the pop is gone, I'll go cold turkey (have done this before, I have pretty good willpower).

And food packaging- why is there so much wasteful packing on everything? The only garbage I throw out is cat litter and plastic food packaging. Everything else gets recycled, but I still feel uneasy about all of this refuse I am generating. Store clerks act so surprised when I tell them I do not want a bag, that I will just carry things. I HATE those damn plastic bags at stores. You drive down the road in Arizona and they are everywhere- stuck to trees and bushes.

The big downside of living in Tucson is my inability to have a regular garden and grow my own vegetables. I just haven't figured out how to do so, and anyways the amount of water you use to get a tomato is probably pretty disgusting.

In other news, I am experimenting with Indian cooking. I made potato and cauliflower curry and discovered that the recipe didn't use enough spices for the amount of potatoes and cauliflower I used (it would probably have been better to specify cups or ounces instead of "two medium potatoes." What the hell is a medium potato?

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