Sunday, June 05, 2011

Where the deer and the antelope play.

This antelope posed, standing still while I took its picture.

Antelope (click on picture for a better view).

I traveled north to Flagstaff to spend the weekend with Evan. We went to see some petroglyphs and this lizard posed as well.


Saturday night we watched a movie, the Red Violin. Evan spoiled me by making supper.

This morning we went to look for elk, but only saw a pair of deer.

In the woods.

Bark beetles and climate change are killing many of the biggest trees.

Deceased pine tree.

A trail of sherds led to a small two-room structure in the woods. It always surprises me how many archaeology sites there are in the Flagstaff area.

Indian Paint Brush.

When I got home it was 106 degrees. I guess summer is here.

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