Monday, July 04, 2011

It is 30 degrees cooler in Flagstaff. Traffic was so light, it was a breeze getting there.

I have a headache as I type this so honestly I can't remember Saturday versus Sunday.

We went to Walnut Canyon National Monument.

Evan and Homer.

All along the sides of the canyon there are little pueblo ruins. It was scary to think of those people scrambling around to get to their homes.

Red flower and canyon.

We also went to the Pioneer Museum in Flagstaff.

Farmer Evan.

We also visited the Coconino Center for the Arts. There was a wonderful exihibit of neon art by Willem Volkers.

Neon, paint-by-number, and figurines.

Today we wandered around and looked at sites.

Indian paintbrush.

The best thing were the Prairie Dogs- so cute.

Prairie dog.

It's 4th of July and the neighbors are shooting off fireworks and it is killing my headache.

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