Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dig Day 2. Allen continued digging down into the outhouse pit, mostly through a layer of ashes from someone's stove. We found fragments of plaster statues, one of which appeared to be a nude woman.

At the base of the last level (we have to stop digging at five feet, and then strip out the surrounding area to meet OSHA standards), he found the soil changing to a very poopy green color. A wine bottle lay between the two layers.

1890s Wine bottle.

An interesting find were a pair of bone lace bobbins, used to create lace by some late 19th century lady.

Lace bobbins.

After drawing maps and filling out paperwork, Allen moved to a new pit and promptly found a tiny Frozen Charlotte doll. My mother has a larger china doll with an apron in which many small dolls this size are tucked.

Frozen Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Dan is busy removing the old bus station floor so that we can locate features below it.

The thick, reinforced floor makes this difficult.

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