Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dig Day 4. Chris, Barry, and Laura started work on the other side of their outhouse pit. The upper fill didn't contain many artifacts, but as they started digging in the green poopy layer, the number of artifacts increased.

Chris found an intact whiteware plate made in England.

Pieces of a headless doll showed up, then a glass cup, several pharmacy bottles, and broken pieces of doll dishes.

Marie Antoinette?

We found many other pits, foundations, and utility trenches when Dan cleared another area to the north. Some are from a planing mill, which operated only from 1908-1914 and burned in 1910. Some of the features are clearly from the 1910 fire, 101 years ago.

A thunderstorm blew in and we had to leave an hour early. I stopped at the Farmer's Market.

- two watermelons for rind pickles
- a red pepper
- a huge eggplant
- a juicy tomato

I am making baba ghanoush as I type.

The Santa Cruz River was raging from the rain water and I stopped and took photos.

I am the shadow on the right.

Upstream from me I could see someone foolishly standing close to the edge of the river on a steep embankment. I went down to photograph the water level gauge, and discovered it was a United States Geological Survey scientist measuring how fast the water was rising and falling using some sort of giant measuring stick.

Over nine feet of water.

He was probably measuring it in the socialistic metric system and he will probably be calculating the amount of water and its speed, which all true Republicans know is a communistic, anti-Christian thing to do, since all science is suspect in America's post-glory period.

Some I will be driving up to Phoenix to pick up my handsome boyfriend, who is coming for the weekend and helping me do some archaeology.

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