Friday, September 16, 2011

Dig Day 5. I ate 3.5 birthday donuts. They were delicious. Allen made me a present.


Evan got to dig a level in the outhouse. Among the things he found was a very rusted iron piggy bank of a man sitting down.

He also found four bottles.

Before people had electricity, they lit their homes with kerosene lamps. These two lamp chimneys were tossed into the outhouse pit, they were unusually thick.

Lamp chimneys.

Dan continued stripping today and found a store foundation, a pit for the planing mill equipment, a very obvious fence line, sheet trash containing pretty brown transferprint dish fragments, and three outhouse pits.

The soil filling this outhouse pit is very clear.

Looks like we will be out digging for at least two more weeks.

Best birthday present.

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