Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dig Day 9. It was a day of many things.

Dan stripped the next area, locating numerous pits including an enormous outhouse. So much work to do.

Block 91.

Jim uncovered a dog burial, the poor pooch lying stretched out on its left side.


Chris, Barry, Laura, and Mario worked on another huge outhouse, excavating it to the five foot level. There were many interesting finds.

Toothpaste used to be sold in ceramic containers in a dry paste. We have not found any toothbrushes yet. Prior to 1920, only 20 percent of the population of the United States brushed their teeth.

Oriental Tooth Paste.

Pieces of a blue transferprint wash basin were plucked from the poop. The designs were surprising modern.

An advertising serving dish was broken but complete.

Frank Torrence, Ohio, Largest Exclusive Cigar Brokerage Office in America.

Also found, the largest porcelain doll head I have seen on a dig.

The doll head was marked 1900-3 on its back.

I climbed down in twice to help out and one of the items I found was a footed pressed glass serving bowl.

Who knows what we will find tomorrow?

Chris kept wishing to find things, and then they would show up. I would like a piggy bank full of coins!

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