Saturday, October 29, 2011

I escorted Mark and Patrick to Richard's estate for the pumpkin carving party.

Handsome host Richard.

The macaroni and cheese I made was really, really good. The Romanian Apple Cake was more of a bread pudding, but it was also praised.

The carvers set to work.

I was creative this year and brought along some decorative gourds to enhance my pumpkin.

Completed pumpkins.

Roger and I discussed our ideas on the perfect house. We are directly opposed in that regard, I like having a formal dining room. We did not come to blows.

Roger's pumpkin had many teeth.

I admired Ray's Amish beard. I discussed how envious I was of Cobban's visit to Prague.

My pumpkin has big ears.

I called Evan while sitting next to the pool.

The lights make pretty patterns.

Later, Patrick burned things and I became coated with smoke. I did not mind.


I had left-over cake for breakfast. Today I may go shopping for a top hat. I have to say, my life is pretty darn excellent.

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