Monday, October 10, 2011

I spent the weekend cleaning my house. It was disgusting. Cat hair and dust in unexpected places. I finished five of the seven rooms. It was a lousy time.

For my birthday Tom sent me a book on cocktails and someone sent my a Martha Stewart book on wreaths. I am pleased with both. I think Evan and I will make some cocktails and do craft activities. That will be our Radical Homosexual Agenda.

At work I am finishing up the clearance letter, telling the City the archaeology has been completed for my last project. I am also completing the report on the previous project, which took place within the boundaries of an abandoned cemetery. As a side project I am compiling a list of people buried in that cemetery. It is a Poltergeist situation, where several thousand bodies were left in place and then houses were built on top.

Mummy arrives on November 12th. She is looking forward to spending the winter here, although she has already warned me that she is getting old (she is 79 1/2). I intend on getting her walking around and getting more exercise.

And that's the way it is.

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