Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pat Buchanan has written a book in which he whines about how people of European origin will soon be in the minority in the United States.

I've been reading through old microfilmed newspapers at the U of Arizona library (I know, my life is exciting). On the way to and from the library I get to observe the students. The future of America is made up of people of many ethnicities, skin color, modes of dress, and so on. Pat Buchanan's dreaded future is already here. And they are spending hours studying, attending college, preparing themselves for life.

It must be awful to be filled with that much fear of the future. You know, it sucks to be an old racist white man. The train has already left the station and one day one or more of his grandchildren or great grandchildren are going to make a baby with one of those other races. I hope he lives long enough to see it.

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