Sunday, October 23, 2011

We had a late supper on Friday night and slept in on Saturday. Then we got busy and went to Mesquite Valley Nursery and bought pretty flowers and herbs, planted them, had leftovers for lunch, went to Native Seed Search where Evan bought a bunch of seeds for his garden, and made pumpkin pie from scratch (except the crust, Joy of Cooking recipe). Not all in this order.

Blurry pumpkin pie.

Doug is in town doing a National Park event and he came over and we went to Rosa's for supper. We all had our usual. Afterward, I made whipper cream and we all had some pie.

Doug, with Joey and Puff.

Evan and I watched the original War of the Worlds and enjoyed it. This morning we made ghosts for my front porch.

Evan and Puff are scared!!!

Another lovely weekend.

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