Sunday, October 16, 2011

When I arrived in Flagstaff, Evan had got me some flowers!

Orange is one of my favorite colors.

Friday night we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark and I assure you that I do not go around smashing Egyptian tombs.

The next day we were busy- running around to some stores. Bought a couple of Holiday gifts. Then back to Evan's place where we went on a hike and were unsuccessful at seeing elk.

No elk!

We made hummus, tabouli, and spinakopita.


Later, my stomach really hurted and then this morning I had some undesirable things happen. As it turned out, the organic curried lentil soup that I thought was vegetarian wasn't and my body reacted in a horrible way. Lesson learned.

We made salsa with Evans red and green tomatoes, but I forgot to take pictures. Now I am back home and it is too quiet.

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