Monday, December 19, 2011

I dropped off extra tiles at the Habitat for Humanity store and saw a rocking chair. I took Mummy to see it and asked her if she thought it was nice to sit in. She has troubles getting off of the couch, and a chair with arms is better. So I went back and bought it.

Mummy knits in the rocking chair.

 The Holiday Tree doesn't smell very piney, I suppose that happens when they cut them down a month or so ago.

The ornaments look pretty.

 Yesterday we went on a walk at Sweetwater Wetlands.

I am scruffy.

 There are a bazillion ducks there right now.

Northern Shoveler.

 I even got a picture of Mummy without her looking like a deer-in-headlight.


In other news, a distant relative asked what information I have on the Ransom family. So I spent some time reviewing the text and adding new information that is now available online. One of my distant relatives was a palm-reader in Los Angeles in 1900. Another was killed by his stepfather, who hit him on the head with a hammer. A third was struck and killed by lightning, while a fourth was electrocuted while wiring a house. Most lived fairly unexciting lives.

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