Thursday, January 26, 2012

The doctor's office called and told me 1). I had a cholesterol count of 256 and 2). I needed to lose 20 ;pounds. So I will not be enjoying anymore delicious cookies, cheese, and pudding for the next six months. And will be dragging my behind to the gym in the early morning. Yeah for me!

I really like this song.

When I see the list of the popular songs, I'm like "Who are these folks?" Also, when the list of Oscar-nominated movies came out, I recollected that I had only seen one movie in the theatre in the last year, Super 8, with Evan in Flagstaff. Movies in the movie theatre are pricey and people have such poor manners in the theater, that it seems pointless to go.

Our esteemed governor, Jan Brewer pointed her finger at the president yesterday and then made a big fuss when he walked away from her. Really? Didn't she watch Howdy Doody and learn that it isn't polite to wag your finger at another person? I made the mistake of reading the comments on the Arizona Daily Star website. I saw that racism is alive and thriving, at least among anonymous commenters on online newspaper websites. Apparently there are a lot of white folks in Arizona that are still really pissed off that a non-white person is president.

Lol, a comment on the Washington Post website "She was on an airport tarmack, they should have taken her away for drug and alcohol testing."

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