Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Tiny had a genital operation and won't be able to many tinier Tinies, a first for my neighbors, who have never fixed any of their dogs.

She always runs up to fence when she sees me.

I finished my PowerPoint presentation for the conference and wrote some feature descriptions. I then went to Swade Barbershop and got my hairz trimmed.


The Arizona State Legislature is now in session and I can hardly wait to see how the Republicans will punish Tucson. In their last session they took a sewage plant away from the county and gave it to a small community. A sewage plant that all of the residents of Pima County paid for (millions of dollars) and is given free to a Republican stronghold.

And they tried to force the City of Tucson to change how we do city elections, unhappy that Republicans only hold one or two city positions. That didn't succeed.

The most egregious was to ban Ethnic Studies in Tucson's school district. Our current Attorney General and the his replacement as Superintendent of Public Education are racist scum (that gets you elected in this state). So they convinced the State Legislature to ban a successful program that has helped many Mexican-American high schoolers get an education, writing a law that specifically targeted Tucson. The Tucson Unified School District is now being told that it will loose 10 to 15 million dollars a month unless it gets rid of the program. Of course the fucking Republican politicians in this state hate education with a passion, since most of them are fundamentalist Christians or Mormons, who would prefer that tax payer dollars be spent on religious schools, where children can be taught that the earth is 6,000-years-old and electricity is magic.

Personally, I hope I never meet Tom Horne- I'd kick that piece of shit right in his racist ass.

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