Thursday, February 16, 2012

Out at the old fort site we are finding many prehistoric features. They appear to date from about A.D. 1000 to 1150, based upon the pottery decorations.

Olivia and Jeff excavated a 2 m by 1 m test unit in a large trash mound. They found a lot of pottery and chipped stone, as well as a broken arrow point and a piece of a shell bracelet.

Olivia and Jeff digging a unit.

Nearby, George excavated a large pit that contained a lot of broken pottery.

George photography pottery in a pit.

Near the base I pulled out part of a decorated bowl.

Red on brown bowl fragment (click on picture to see the design).

I had Dan strip dirt off of a pit structure. It had burned and a line of wall plaster was visible, the interior blackened and the interior reddened from the high heat.

Burnt wall plaster.

If you click on the next picture you should be able to see the lines of burnt plaster better. George will be excavating this house soon.

Pit structure awaiting excavation.

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