Sunday, April 08, 2012

Mummy wanted to go to the Zoo. So we got in the car and went. Tucson's Reid Park Zoo has perhaps a couple of dozen species, many endangered. I am somewhat surprised that there isn't a greater effort to breed some of more critical species, like the Southern White Rhino. Anyways, we wandered past several exhibits which were being cleaned out. Amid the screeching peacocks, were some zebras and ostriches.

Grevy's zebra. 

 A few large birds wandered around.

Maribou stork. 

My favorite are the giraffes. Last year, one of them was accidentally fed some oleander leaves and died.

Mother and giraffe.

These are Reticulated Giraffes.

There are nine different giraffe sub-species. 

We reached the new elephant exhibit. I was impressed by the enormous bull elephant.


Mother, who has been feeling poorly lately, decided to get sick and we had to come home. She was very drama-filled. When we were in Flagstaff she had a gluten-free pizza that was apparently contaminated. The last two weeks have been filled with unpleasantness. Once she got home she seemed to be better, I am busy feeding her bland and dull foods.

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