Sunday, July 29, 2012

The monsoon season is going strong.

On the drive north

Up in Flagstaff the rain has made Evan's garden go crazy.


His sunflowers were eaten by elk, but new ones appeared.


He got a lot of his seeds at Native Seed Search in Tucson. The native crops have unusual flowers.

A gourd.

We went over to feed Terry's cat and I found a little dragon.

Me and a dragon.

When I turned it over, it had a yellow tummy.


I put it down and it scampered away.


There were some echinacea flowers blooming nearby. I admired them.


Evan and I went to his favorite store, C. & L. Ranch. I stumbled across the baby poultry.


I found the ducks to be super adorable.


Outside in the parking lot they were having a ranch day and I patted the burro, which sounds naughty but isn't.


We went to my new favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.

I can't remember the restaurant's name.

It was a nice weekend.

Me and Evan.

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