Friday, August 31, 2012

A rant. I just love how the word "liberal" is a dirty word for some people. It was the fucking douchebag liberal scum who got you your 40-hour work week, Social Security, Medicare, civil rights, women's right to vote, gay rights, and so on. And what have the conservatives given us lately? Hatred of science, hatred of Mexicans, hatred of gay people, hatred of education, hatred of sex, and lots of other fucking bullshit. They seem to think that they shouldn't pay any taxes and yet money will magically fucking appear to pay for the military and the healthcare benefits of Congress people, which, by the way, are so much fucking better than the healthcare benefits you and I will ever, ever have. So go ahead and call me a liberal. And while you are at it, call me a faggot too. Because I am that liberal faggot who isn't going to sit around and let some fucking scumbag Republicans tell me that I can't get married, can't work this job, can't serve in the military and all the other fucking bullshit that fucking conservatives who believe in "smaller government" keep babbling on and on about because they are so fucking filled with hate and fear. End of fucking rant.

This was after reading something written by a Republican woman accusing all liberals of being douchebags who call people names and hate rich people.

Just for the record, I don't hate rich people. I know some very rick folks. I read Martha Stewart's blog and admire what she has been able to accomplish. But I do think that rich people should pay their fair share of taxes. The fact that Mitt Romney supposedly pays 13 percent on his $20+ million annual income, solely because it is "capital gains" is just bullshit. Just pay your fair share. I do, and I don't mind my tax dollars going to do the things I don't know how to do (military, medicine, etc) or want to do (sewer maintenance).

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