Thursday, September 06, 2012

I avoided watching the Republican convention. From what I have read, repeating lies over and over again is now acceptable to fundamentalists. They parked the Puerto Rican, Samoan, and some other territorial delegates in the very front. The rest of the convention hall was filled with white folks, many of whom were probably terrified by those with different skin tones.

Big hawk.

I have watched, at least partially, the first two nights of the Democratic convention. Ohmigod, gay people are people! What has fascinated me is when the camera pans the crowd. All of the people of differing skin color sitting with each other. No need to park a certain delegation in the front row to spice things up.

Smaller hawk.

When I go to the mall to but underpants, I notice the people around me. When I drive down 6th Avenue westward and stop first at stoplight at the University of Arizona rec center and then go past Tucson High School I look at the people. The future is right there before my eyes. America is rapidly becoming more and more diverse. All of the voter suppression efforts, locking young people up for having a joint, all of that bullshit isn't going to work. As a white guy, I'll be in the minority soon and I think that is awesome.

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