Friday, November 23, 2012

Forrest and I drove north to Flagstaff.

On the road.

The trip is much nicer when someone else is in the car. We arrived at Evan and Philip's house and headed immediately to Burrito Fiesta for supper. I enjoyed the vegetarian burrito, enchilada style.

We went to the post office to see whether Evan had mail.

Playing post office.

At the Zane Grey bar the waitress told us that hipster PBR was on sale. I had a gin and tonic instead.

Forrest had a beer.

The next day, we went on a hike. But we stopped at Safeway first in an unsuccessful attempt to find a copy of the New York Times, which had an article on the Mission Gardens near my house.

Thanksgiving turkeys.

We drove to Wupatki and started walking toward O'Leary Lookout. 

Scenic scenes.

The types of conifers change as you go from the 6,900 elevation to the 8,900 elevation.

Pine cone.

Mountain goat Forrest was ahead of us. I was getting more and more tired and hungry. Evan and I had a granola bar. Finally I sat on a rock and told Evan I needed to rest and begged him to continue on.

I am so tired.

After a while, I plodded along, taking tiny steps and occasionally stopping to catch my breath. Forrest later told me that Evan was watching from up above to make sure I was alright.

Eventually I neared the fire lookout. The last stretch used World War II-era portable aircraft runway strips for the driveway.

I lay down for a while to rest.

Evan was excited to see me at the top.

8,916 ft.

You could see forever, but my camera really doesn't pick up all the details.

To the northeast, I think.

Forrest said it was an awesome hike. I was glad I made it to the top.

Forrest on top.

Evan also had a good time, maybe we will have to do this some more.


I took artistic photos.

Reflection of the fire lookout.

We headed back and I have to say, it felt like forever before we got back to the car.

My crew.

After we arrived home, I made Thanksgiving dinner. Macaroni and cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetarian stuffing, and orange-cranberry-walnut dressing. Later, Forrest and Evan made a chocolate pudding pie.


I woke up and went and sat on the couch until Forrest woke up. He was sleep talking about cats.

Sleepy head.

We went to C. & L. Ranch Store and I bought presents for Milo and Nathan. Our attempts at other shopping failed- I was surprised how many stores in Flagstaff were closed.

At 11:00 Forrest and I climbed into the trusty Ford Focus and headed south. We talked and talked and we arrived in Tucson early, so we went to BK's for lunch. Then I dropped him off at the airport and said goodbyes. Maybe someday soon he and Travis will be here permanently.

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