Monday, January 14, 2013

We are having a cold spell. It has been freezing every night since late Friday. I have covered the outside pipes, put large Holiday lights on the pipes and my baby lemon tree, brought most of my potted plants indoors, and covered the ones that I could not. The prickly pear cactus are suffering. Last night I listened as the ones next to my bedroom cracked and fell.

Fallen prickly pear. 

I'm expecting more to fall tonight and tomorrow night. Doug and I worked on the brick path extending between my house and the guest house. We need another 150 or so bricks to finish it.

Brick path. 

Buddy has had to stay indoors, cooped up in my bedroom. He gets a little bored when I am not in there. But I am pretty sure he is glad to be somewhere warm.

Buddy's favorite toy. 

Right now it is 66 degrees in the living room. Tonight the low outside is supposed to be 19. I will be glad when it warms up.

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