Monday, March 25, 2013

My camera batteries became dead shortly into the Egg Party and so I don't have the quality of photos that I would like.

Egg Party!

This is probably the 6th or 7th Annual Non Denominational Egg Decorating and Backyard Egg Hunt Party. I got up and from 8 AM through almost 3 PM I cleaned and cooked, cooked and cleaned. Mostly cleaned. I was horrified at how much dirt there was in my kitchen.

The baskets were prepared, three for the winners and four for the little children attending.

I forgot to tell people I needed the baskets back, but they are cheap.

I bought 120 eggs and boiled most of them.

Jeffrey and Patrick decorating.

The handsome guests arrived and my handsome boyfriend greeted them.
Robert and Evan.

There were some pretty women as well.
Mary and Tara.

Patrick helped hide eggs and he was naughty and put some in difficult places. He just got back from a photo safari in Africa.

Porn staches galore.

The children (Milo, Nathan, Evelyn, and Sagan) all had a nice time and liked their baskets.

Milo got a rabbit that pooped jelly beans.

At a few minutes past 4:00 PM I called for the egg hunters to assemble, handed them bags, and counted,"3, 2, and 1" and off they went.

Egg Hunters.

There are over 400 eggs to find (they fill an enormous plastic bin the rest of the year).

Tara and Jeffrey.

Kyle won with 119 points, Tara placed second with 111, and Allen third with 106. Chris was the loseriest with only 5.
Allen, Kyle, and Tara.

Allen lost Mary's cell phone in the backyard, so he looks glum. Today Avi came over and due to some magical app, traced the phone to where it was lying, beneath a piece of wood in the oleander bush.

The nice thing about the time after the party- hanging out with Evan and just talking and having a quiet time. Plus, my house is really clean.

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