Thursday, March 21, 2013

Post 2500. I'm watching the Rhode Island Senate hearing on Same Sex marriage and it has been going on
for hours and hours (at least 5 or 6 hours).

The people against same sex marriage, Christians and a single Muslim, are fucked up pieces of shit, in my candid opinion. I've heard them describe gay folks as perverts, disease-ridden short-lived perverts, sinners, and on and on. A couple of the men testifying were obviously closeted homosexuals.

This guy in particular asshole-ish, telling the Senators that he would not obey the law, whatever the fuck that means.


This guy is threatening the Senators with going to hell.

Gay bow tie alert.

There is one state senator waving a Bible around and acting like an idiot.

Several people have quoted the fake study by Mark Regnerus, paid for by the National Organization for Marriage.

Meanwhile, the people who support same sex marriage are speaking in measured, reasonable tones. No threats. I can't imagine why any Senator would vote no, but who knows?

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