Thursday, April 04, 2013

So the little town of Bisbee passed a bill allowing residents to form Civil Unions. Marriage-lite. And the Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has his panties in a bunch over this, claiming that it is against Arizona's constitutional amendment.

Horne went to the Supreme Court last year, arguing that the state of Arizona should not be forced to offer insurance benefits to homo partners and their kids, because that would somehow damage the state. For instance, it would hurt tourism. For real. And other fucking nonsense.

Tom Horne (photo credit, AZ Daily Star)

Of course he is a total hypocrite who was busy fucking his female employee, a woman he was paying more than $100,000 a year, in a job he had to do some legal work to ensure she could actually be hired for. I mean, he is just a macho stud, I can see how the female employee accidentally got naked at her home, at lunch hour, and somehow Tom's polish sausage somehow got inside her. Only a short time after he rammed his gold Jaguar into another car in a parking garage, driving off without leaving a note, because he was in such a hurry to accidentally put his cock inside a woman he was not married to.

And yet, it the same sex partners and kids of state employees that endanger "traditional marriage" in this state. And lesbian and gays cannot even have a second-rate civil union because that is naughty. So says Tom Horne, who cannot remember which vagina his penis is legally allowed to fuck. It is, after all, illegal to commit adultery in the State of Arizona, as well as to commit a hit and run with a car. But I somehow doubt this man will be punished for those crimes.

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