Monday, April 01, 2013

We drove southeast to Bisbee, stopping at the San Pedro House for lunch. Mother likes to go to Bisbee, it is a quaint town with cute little houses. I do as I am asked. At one antique store I found the prices had been raised. I took a picture.

Going to an antique store with my antique mother is always scary. If she is holding one thing when she sees something else she may knock something else off. This is the reason she isn't allowed to drive anymore. We wandered up the street and mother wanted a cup of coffee so we stopped at a saloon.

A long-dead javelina watched us.

Mother bought a t-shirt and I purchased a vintage Hawaiian shirt at the second antique store. On the way back to the car, I asked Mother to take a picture, this is the only one where she didn't make a weird face.

Mother in Bisbee.

I washed my new old shirt and put it on this morning.

Hawaiian Homer.

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