Sunday, May 19, 2013

I visited with my barber and he trimmed my hair. He admired my mustache and suggested I apply wax to it.

Yellow kitchen. I am covering the one wall with antique china.

I entered the Focus and drove south to Ray and Robert's house. It is like a luxury resort.

Not coy koi.

They live at a higher altitude than Tucson so the wildflowers are still blooming. I admired them at 75 miles per house. At the house I was able to pause and examined the blooming cacti.

Beautiful red.

I should become their pool boy. I would faithfully rescue the bugs that land in the pool. I would have an awesome tan.

Ray and I.

Parker kitty is friendlier in her older age. She still doesn't like to have her photo taken.

Go. Away.

In a few days it is Ray's birthday so he served a delightful lunch but we forgot to sing "Happy Birthday."

Salad Caprese. The first time I had this was in 1998 in Berlin at Phillip's house.

Robert has a new job that he really likes. It shows!

I wish I had his hair.

In the late afternoon I drove back to Tucson. Shortly after leaving the estate, a pair of deer walked across the road.
Dear deer.

I unrolled my car window and whistled at the third mule deer to walk across the road, and it turned to stare at the human making that strange sound.

Mule deer.

It was a lovely day.

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