Monday, May 27, 2013

It was a weekend of memories. I collected Whit and we drove north to Flagstaff. The moon was rising along the highway.

Moon rise.

Evan, Whit, and I went our for a drink and then hung out talking for a while.

The next morning we went to Picture Rock Canyon.

Turkey vultures.

It is spring time in Flagstaff, but there aren't many flowers yet. It hasn't rained enough for it to get very green.

Whit wanted to see the petroglyphs and I dragged him all over the place so he could examine them.


In one spot the yucca were blooming.


I climbed high up in the canyon. Below me the water was running.


At the top along the vertical cliff faces are even more rock art.

Deer, scroll, and Whit.

Whit and Evan get along really well.

Evan and Whit.

We also visited a pithouse site, ate at Himalayan Grill, and I had a nap.

On Sunday morning Bradley arrived from Sedona to join us.

Homer and Bradley.

We went out to several more ruins. I admired the black on white pottery sherds, photographed them, and then put them back on the ground.


A pair of golden eagles were being harassed by some ravens.

Golden eagle.

Nearby was another small pueblo roomblock. You can see the walls very clearly.

1000-year-old walls.

We visited a fortress-like site and wondered what had happened there.

There are rooms on top.

I managed to get sun-burnt.


I admired the nature.


As we drove back to the parking spot for lunch, a female antelope paused.


Bradley returned to Sedona, and the three of us then went to a nearby canyon to admire pit structures built inside caves.

Walking down the cinder-covered wash.

The walls are well preserved.

Evan examines the walls.

One of the structures has red-painted plaster intact.


Another has the only surviving 1000-year-old roof.

I hope this lasts for another 1000 years.

At times the steep walls of the canyon made me nervous.

San Francisco Canyon.

A nest of fledgling ravens were nervous as we walked by.

Ravens and poop.

Whit and I went to see the new Star Trek movie, in 3D, which I enjoyed. This morning Evan and I went to C. & L. Ranch and I bought a huge sack of bird seed.

Whit wanted to see Sedona so we took the long way home.

Red Rocks near Sedona.

Weekend is over and I have a nasty headache.

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