Friday, July 26, 2013

I almost missed the airplane, I was late getting to the airport. Luckily, I had checked in the day before so they let me on. We took off at 5:40 AM on Wednesday.


We climbed up above the clouds and I tried to remember when was the last time I was on a plane- probably last April when I went to TN and NC.

Sun rising above the clouds.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent at the National Archives in Riverside, conducting research for work. It was surprisingly exhausting and nerve-wracking. One archivist decided she didn't like me and yelled at me three times. The third time I shouted back, "I have no clue what you are talking about!" She was made because of the way I was turning over documents. It was insane. She stared at me angrily for the next few hours. Her replacement was a nice nerdy guy and we talked archaeology. 

I finished early on Wednesday, exhausted and hungry (I worked through lunch). I had an unfortunately enormous salad and enormous onion rings at a place an archivist recommended. Then I started back to LAX. Traffic became ridiculous.


My plane didn't leave until 9:45 PM so I decided to go to Hollywood for supper. I found a nice parking spot a block away from the Star Walk and mingled with the tourists.

These are the Days of our Lives.

The only good meal I had was at an Indian fast food place there along the Walk. Cauliflower and potato- I think Aloo Gobi[?]. 

Hollywood sign.

I drove to the rental car place, checked it in, got on the bus, discovered my cell phone was still in the car, rode back and retrieved it.


I killed time at the airport. A handsome man was nearby and I wondered why he trimmed all of his arm and leg hair off.


Back home at midnight, was tired most of the day. Did genealogy research for a woman tonight. Buddy is hanging out with me. It is the first cool night in a couple of months, thanks to the monsoon rains.

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