Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So yeah I'm still around. Life is strange how you can think one thing and be so completely wrong.

Buddy comes in every night and spends 2 or 3 hours hanging out with me. On July 4th he was terrified of the fireworks and sat on top of me for a while, which he never does. He likes his wading pool and gets in and walks around to drink some water and cool off.


I was sent out to the water plant to dig pits, which I did very well. It was very, very hot.

And muddy.

The day it was 110 I had to come home an hour early because the tomato soup I had for lunch kept making repeat visits.

Too fucking hot.

I rescued a lizard from a wheelbarrow. It let me rub its little scaly head before running away.


This portion of the site probably dates to the San Pedro phase of the Early Agricultural period, from about 1200 BC to 800 BC. The pit structures were oddly shaped (in the next phase they tend to be round, whereas these houses were oval). Their weren't many artifacts. I was sent to uncover a bone found during the cutting of a pit and discovered it was an awl, used to poke holes through leather or help in basket weaving.

Deer bone awl, about eight inches long.

We hired Eric, who was one of my field school students. Here he is on the first day of work as a paid archaeologist.


It was good to be outside and away from my desk, even in the heat.

Today I am at home with a broken fridge. Debating on whether to get a new one or attempt to repair this one, which dates to 1999. I wish I had my grandmother's fridge from 1947. That would totally fit my kitchen.

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