Thursday, March 06, 2014

My family has lived in Michigan since the 1830s. I am the one of only a handful of members of my family to have left (my mother's brother and his wife and kids live in Oregon and Texas, a cousin lives in Florida).

All the rest live in a state that banned same sex marriages and even civil unions back in 20XX. The last couple of weeks have seen the ban on same sex couple's join adoption and marriage on trial. The State of Michigan rounded up six witnesses to testify paying at least some of them $300 an hour for there time (which typically include pre-trial prep, trial time, and travel time).

The first witness was some snotty-nose brat named Sherif Girgis who styles himself an expert on why homos shouldn't get hitched. The judge declined to hear him, since he isn't an expert at anything besides being a student on his third degree.

The second witness was University of Texas professor Mark Regnerus. Who put together a "study" at the behest of the Witherspoon Institute, a fundamentalist Christian group. The guy hates gay stuff- he recently wrote a paper stating that if gays get married, straight men are going to want more anal sex. I'm guessing that Mrs. Regnerus doesn't like caboose sex, but then who knows?

I didn't really pay attention to witnesses three, four, and five other than to note they are all funded by the anti-gay crowd or members of those groups or boardmembers or just hate anal as much as Regnerus or Mormons, or all of the above and then some.

The sixth witness blathered on with statistics that he pulled out of his unfucked butt- girls with gay fathers are only 15 percent likely to graduate from high school. I mean, how stupid does he think we are? And at the end, he admitted on the stand that unrepentant homosexuals are going to burn in Hell.

I have to admit even I was shocked a tad that someone would be so stupid as to say that on the witness stand, but I guess he said it somewhere else so it was on the record. I can't imagine a judge who hears someone say they are unbiased about gays in one sentence and then hears the same person say the fags will writhe in HELL will think much of that person's testimony.

Anyways, I blather on because I wanted to record my impressions of the trial. Will the judge rule for the lesbian couple caring for three special needs kids? I hope so. I look forward to Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage being all sad again, bitching about activist judges.

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