Sunday, March 30, 2014

When we got to the field school site yesterday Mike was already there and came to tell me that there was an injured dog there. We walked back and found a brown pug dog lying on the protective fabric we had removed from last year's excavation unit. It looked up at me with sad brown eyes. I walked back and told Barney and took a blue plastic tub with me and carefully placed the dog into it and carried it back to the vehicles. I got some water and dipped my hand into it and trickled water into the dog's mouth. After a while it started licking my hand and I gave it more water.

After the kids went off to work I examined the dog and found about nine puncture wounds- I thought from bites from a coyote or bobcat, someone else thought they might be from a large hawk. Nicole helped me clean and apply antiseptic and antiobiotic cream to them. The dog was very docile.

Barney was able to call the B & B that is nearby and they knew a woman named Julia who could take the dog to a vet to get examined. I rode in the back of Barney's parents' car and we delivered the dog to her.

Poor little pug.

I am waiting to hear whether he survived. He was wounded pretty bad and the largest puncture was infected, but perhaps he will survive. He seemed to be a sweet little dog.

UPDATE: The little dog is doing well after a visit to the veterinarian. I wonder if Julia will be adopting him.

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