Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Annual Non-Denominational Egg Decorating and Backyard Egg Party went off well. A week's furious cleaning and yard work paid off.

I made potato salad, three bean salad, hummous, chocolate pudding and crustless lemon meringue.I boil about 11 dozen eggs.

Tara, Eric, Cassie, Milo, and I decorating.

I made people decorate whether they wanted to or not.


Before the guests arrived I hid hundreds of eggs around the backyard. Mother placed eggs for the kids in the front yard.


Seven children- Milo, Nathan, baby Luke, Evelyn, Sagan, Gabriel, and Marcel.

Barney, Sagan, Mary, Nathan, and Evelyn.

The kids loved the washing machine play house.



I had three gin and tonics and the tension I had been feeling washed away.

Archaeologists Barney and Homer.

Precisely at 4:00 the guests posed for the obligatory photo and then they were off.

Five, four, three...

I must say, most people were not very competitive.

Doug, Ray, and Robert.

I did not get the usual photo of the winners. Eric was 3rd place (92), Tara 2nd place (162), and Patrick 1st (195). Ray only had 16 points.

Tara and Milo.

Patrick had competition in the bow tie department.

Sagan and Patrick, best-dressed.

Mother had a good time at the party, she likes the kids. On Wednesday she got on the airplane and headed back to Michigan. I put the house in order and now it is so quiet and I have to get used to things. I guess summer has started.

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