Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ten years ago same sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts. My friends Mark and Jim were the first gay couple I knew who were married. I remember just being surprised. When you grow up and lived through a time when gay people had no civil rights, could be fired from their jobs, arrested for having sex- it just seemed remarkable that my friends could get married.

In the years since, more and more states have legalized same sex marriage. As of this week, 12 federal courts in a row have ruled that the bans on same sex marriage are unconstitutional.

On Monday, my friends Erik and Robert were married in Arkansas. I am so happy for them. As of toward, 39 percent of American citizens live in states where same sex marriage is legal.

And every once in a while I visit the National Organization for Marriage's blog or their Facebook page. You would never know about all of the recent victories. The group lives in an alternate reality where when two Republican lawmakers in Indiana lose in a primary, that NOM is winning. This particular graphic is amazing.

Courtesy, National Organization for Marriage.

I suspect that Arizona will be one of the last to legalize, most likely when the Supreme Court gets around to ruling on the issue. Now I just need to find someone to marry.

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